Tuesday 25 February 2020

Cardinal Theme

We Aim to Expand Web Research at the University of Science and Culture

Dr. Mohammad Javad Karegar is currently the director of the Department of Computer, Faculty of Engineering, University of Science and Culture (USC). He graduated from the University of Putra Malaysia. Dr. Mohammad Javad Kargar, had a dialogue session with Sina News Agency regarding the advantages of the Department of Computer and the upcoming events.

- Explain the Computer program of the University of Science and Culture and the activities of this program.
The department of computer has undergraduate and MA programs in computer software. We also intend to offer PhD programs next year and also an MA program in e-commerce.

-What were the achievements of the International Conference on Web Research which was held at USC recently?

One of the most important events at the USC is the international Conference on Web Research -ICWR- ,which is said to be the most prestigious academic conference held at the university level.
We have been involved in the development of the idea on Web Research since three years ago. Considering that the research was not specialized in the research topic in this section and no conference was held in Iran specializing on the Web, therefore we made a decision in accordance with the duties and activities that the University of Jihad has set take a step that has not been done so far.

This conference pursued different goals, such as focusing on activities that have not been done so far. On the other hand, cultural issues are often important when we want to raise a subject and add a word to the literature of a country. Years ago, when talking about Web research, the exact definition of the term was not clear, but nowadays, we are faced with several definitions. This was also another goal of the conference that we reached to a large extent.

The next intention was for the USC being known when it comes to Web Research. Although we have not been able to fulfill our goal, we have approached it to a great extent.
We have provided a magazine on Web Research that has been approved by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, and awaits the final decisions of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

The difference between the Conference on Web Research and other related conferences was that, despite having a good reflection in the media, we were not much looking for a media discussion on this topic, and most of our content was intended to be used later.